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The Day of Dental Surgery

Dental Assistant

For your safety, please follow the instructions below.

CLOTHING: Wear short sleeves, flat shoes and warm comfortable pants. DO NOT wear nail polish or excessive makeup. No contact lenses. Leave valuables at home. For children, bring a change of clothing and a small blanket.

MEDICATION: Take any prescription medications as directed, unless otherwise instructed by your physician and/or your anesthesia provider.

ARRIVAL: Please arrive at the dental office at least 10 minutes prior to the appointment time. This will allow you time to use the restroom prior to sedation and treatment.

AT THE OFFICE: After a brief examination in the dentist’s office, an intravenous line will be started. An uncooperative child will be given an injection in the arm or leg that will render them sleepy and cooperative for the placement of the I.V. Medications will be given via the I.V. For the optimal safety of all patients, state-of-the-art monitors will be placed to continuously evaluate the status of the heart and lungs from the beginning of treatment until recovered for discharge. Each anesthetic is individualized for the specific patient, medications administered, dosages, and recovery times vary.

LEAVING THE OFFICE: Due to the lingering effects of anesthesia, a patient must have a responsible adult to accompany them to their overnight destination. A patient will not be allowed to leave the office by taxi or bus without a responsible adult.

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