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Our Services

Our Mobile Anesthesia Service


Our team is committed to ensuring all dental patients receive the highest standard of care. Each of our dentist anesthesiologists can travel to your preferred location fully equipped with the 

state-of-the-art anesthesia monitor, anesthesia machine, medications, emergency equipment, and auxiliary support staff. All mobile equipment and medication undergo state-specific inspection and are in accordance with industrial standards. Our mobile practice nature allows you to manage complex and challenging cases in the comfort of your own office and transforms your office into a full-service patient care center. We currently service dental offices located in RI, MA, NH, and ME.  For participating dental providers with our practice, please fill out the following Anesthesia Request Form to facilitate the scheduling process.

Our Dental & Anesthesia Facility

Our newly renovated anesthesia and dental facility includes well-equipped treatment rooms to accommodate multiple dental providers performing treatments of their patients under sedation/general anesthesia. When desirable, we invite dental providers to care for their own patients with our anesthesiologist in our facility 


Our practice also provides comprehensive dental treatment for pediatric patients under general anesthesia. You can count on our highly trained and experienced dental professionals at NDAA to take care of your pediatric patient’s dental needs under anesthesia.  Patients are accepted on a referral basis. For referring doctors, please click the following link to download our referral form. 

Why Choose NDAA


NDAA provides the entire spectrum of sedation and anesthesia for patients of every discipline in dentistry. A better alternative at a more cost-effective means has been our path to improving access to care along with enhancing the niche of dental practices we collaborate with. NDAA is fully confident you will find our level of care to be a superior option from both a patient/operating dentist experience and clinical safety/efficacy standpoint.

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Established in 2009, our practice has delivered the highest standard of care to thousands of patients who required anesthesia services for their oral health care needs. Northeast Dental Anesthesia Associates is a group of experienced dentist anesthesiologists and dentists providing a full spectrum of sedation and general anesthesia care for all types of dental procedures. Our providers have safely provided more dental office-based sedation and general anesthetics than any other dental anesthesia providers in New England region. What sets us apart is our expertise in dentistry and our specialized training in dental anesthesiology, allowing us to provide the most ideal method of sedation/anesthesia technique customized to the needs of the patient and the operating dentist. 

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