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Why Choose NDAA



  • The Dentist Anesthesiologists comprising NDAA have completed more dental office-based sedations and general anesthetics than any other anesthesia provider in New England. From IV sedation to intubated general anesthesia,  we have safely provided for pediatric and adult office-based sedation and general anesthesia for over a decade in New England. 

  • In addition to the office-based environment, our providers are long-standing members of both hospital anesthesia staffs, and dental school and residency faculty. As licensed dentists and anesthesiologists, NDAA providers have a true understanding of the dental procedures, allowing for the ability to employ the ideal methods of sedation/anesthesia based on the needs of the patient and operating dentist. 


  • NDAA assures patients and collaborating dentists that we provide the same standards of safety expected, as within the hospital setting. Patient selection starts with consultation of primary care physicians and any needed specialists for each and every patient. Our dedication to patient safety continues by assuring we have the needed equipment and staff on par with what is expected in the hospital operating room setting. All NDAA dentist anesthesiologists are supported by experienced paramedics. 

Cost-Effective Access To Care 

  • Anesthesia care in a dental office is a fraction of the cost when compare to a hospital and surgical centers. With NDAA as your anesthesia providers, dental patients can expect much lower costs in comparison to receiving care in a hospital setting. The dental providers can expect to complete more high quality and complex treatments in less time.   Our cost is transparent and affordable. For an accurate estimate, please contact our office.

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